The NDP So Far and Misc Notes

A lot of blog posts and Twitter tweets you see on the NDP site are a mix of political side topics as well as position papers (in the form of “The Case for a 21st Century New Deal”).

Some are humorous while others give you something to think about. We draw a lot from historical roots.

A month and a half ago on August 22, the New Deal Progressives officially went live when its website launched along with its blog and Twitter feed. The idea for a new political party dedicated to the values of FDR’s New Deal is something that has been in the works since October 2012. Once all the ideas and concepts were organized, then the website, blog, and Twitter feed were built.

Everything takes longer than expected because learning curves are steep since most of this is self-taught, especially where websites, Twitter, and WordPress are concerned.

But, it’s slowly coming along.

Right now, there are two position papers and a 50-state strategy paper in the works.

In addition, gaining ballot access for elections has begun in CA, IA, IL, IN, MI, MO, NY, OH, VT, and WI. This effort will continue to grow and expand.

There’s nothing more daunting than building a political party from scratch. It is absolutely an almost impossible task considering the state of America today. The two-party system of only Republicans and Democrats have caused people to lose faith and trust in their government and the political process, and that trust may be impossible to get back.

On a separate note,
Paul Craig Roberts has a piece from February titled “Obamacare: A Deception”.  It’s a long and detailed article (11,112 words), but worth the time to read.

Unions, who initially supported Obamacare have now turned against it.  Republicans, who could never elaborate why they dislike Obamacare so much, would have been smart to figure this out early instead of ranting like a bunch of swivel-eyed loons.

The bottom line is this is the Democrats’ effort to let the private insurance industry have complete control of healthcare in America, where you have no choice at all. As the article says, the devil is in the details andMany Americans will find themselves not only with a policy they can’t afford, but also with one they cannot afford to use….

There are so many things in the ACA law that people don’t know about, that will come as a complete and utter shock cost-wise.

In the end, a single-payer system would have been the best, most efficient, and cost-effective system to cover the population. Instead the Democrats sold out the American public and passed another huge corporate welfare gift for the insurance industry.

In the past, we’ve noted that even though it appears Democrats and Republicans are in a serious fight, what you’re really watching is a carefully orchestrated play that will end up with some giveaways in the end.

Watch carefully how this plays out in the current government shutdown and raising the debt-limit ceiling in the next week or two.  As Joe Firestone notes in his article “Stop ‘the Great Betrayal’ – Kabuki Update“, Obama already has a number of options at his disposal to lift the debt ceiling without Congress, but he may be positioning to offer cuts as part of the “Grand Bargain”.  They won’t let the government default, so wait and see what happens to programs like Social Security and Medicare.