We Cannot Afford “Business-as-Usual” Anymore

Do you know what the Democrats’ jobs plan is today?FDR2

It’s a serious question no one is asking. Outside of the one bill passed in 2009 which had half the needed investment, I have not heard one word about any jobs plan from the Democrats.

We are now five full years in with the White House and the Senate in Democrat hands, and nothing has improved.

And talk of a recovery? No one’s buying it. Not the indebted college grad waiting tables, not the long-term unemployed whose UI benefits were just gutted, and certainly not the Main Street businesses who keep hearing the same tired ringing of “prosperity is just around the corner”.

John Williams’ Shadow Stats website has been tracking the unemployment rate for decades using the way it was counted before Reagan and successive administrations tinkered with it. January 2009 was 19.1% and December 2013 was 23.3%. Getting worse. Contrast that to the administration’s claim of 8.3% for January 2009 and 6.7% for December 2013. It doesn’t square with reality.

Investors Business Daily did their own poll last October and the results were worse: almost 48 million people under- or unemployed resulting in a 31% unemployment rate.

There are jobs being created, but they are primarily low-wage service industry jobs (like restaurants) that no one can support themselves on.

Since 2001 with Bush’s first $2 trillion tax cut, it has been well over a decade of a poorly performing economy, and the Middle Class and the poor are bearing the brunt of it.

And no one has a detailed plan to get the economy fixed.


Rank-and-file Democrats really need to ask themselves why they’re supporting a party that cannot provide specifics about getting the economy moving. They also need to ask themselves hard questions about if the country is going in the right direction.

One of the things the NDP is very specific about is how we will get people back to work. It’s the same approach FDR used with the New Deal, investing in the country’s people and its infrastructure in the 21st century. In addition, we will be pushing worker-owned businesses, regulation, adding doctors & nurses, investing in our public libraries, and making our public schools & institutions strong again. We won’t let our cities like Detroit go bankrupt so it can be sold off lock, stock, and barrel by Wall Street cronies; cities like that are our heritage.

Here is the NDP jobs plan. Read it. Ask elected Democrats and candidates what their plan is.

Ask them what they plan to do about ending the unbelievably expensive wars now.

Ask them what they plan to do about assuring net neutrality is the cornerstone of the internet.

Ask them why the bankers that caused the second Great Depression haven’t gone to jail, and unbelievably, have gotten richer since then.

Ask them why they’re mistakenly supporting cuts to social safety net programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and unemployment insurance, while the rich keep dodging taxes and sending jobs overseas.

Ask them what they plan to do about the worst financial inequality since before the first Great Depression.

Ask for specific details and time frames, not vague promises.

FDR, the father of the modern Democrats, was very clear about this: a party that’s in bed with the rich, the powerful, and big business is not going to side with the workers and the Middle Class.

FDR welcomed the hatred of those people. We should too. We need that kind of party now, and the NDP aims to be that party.