World Austerity Report: From the Desk of the Editors

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“Plenty is at our doorstep, but a generous use of it languishes in the very sight of the supply.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Inaugural, 1933

Those words are just as relevant today as they were in March of 1933.
Unfortunately, today there is no FDR, no Harry Hopkins, no Henry Wallace,
and worst of all, there is no New Deal. If you are reading this in the United
States, then you are, indeed, standing amongst what little remains of the New
Deal state. This is the state in which the middle class became the majority of
the population. The state which checkmated Fascism and Communism. It put
millions of Americans to work in a matter of hours and brought electricity to
the poorest parts of the US. The New Deal also created the infrastructure which
made possible an educated population capable of putting a human on the Moon
and unlocking the secrets of the atom.

The U.S. Constitution -not once, but twice- demands a promotion of the General
Welfare.  The General Welfare includes everyone; be it the college student, the
farmer, the business owner, the janitor, the mechanic, the teacher…everyone.
Without a doubt, the New Deal promoted the General Welfare. And today we
can do even better

“…in every republic there are two parties, that of the nobles and that
of the people; and all the laws favorable to liberty result from the
opposition of these parties to each other.” – Niccolo Machiavelli,
Discourses on Titus Livius, 1517

Today, the plenty that is at our doorstep is currently being misused and wasted by
those whom Roosevelt characterized as the “the rulers of the exchange of mankind’s
goods” (i.e. Wall Street) and their “speculation with other people’s money.” In the 4th
Century BC the Greek philosopher Plato categorized this same class of rulers
as The Few. In the Renaissance they were known as The Nobility. The Russians in
the 1990’s used the term Oligarch. In the 1930’s many referred to them as Private
Economic Interests. In 1935, one pro-New Deal reporter, Marquis Childs, referred
to the Aristocrats who hated Roosevelt as the “Two-percent.” And of course, today
many refer to them as the 1%.

Plague and pestilence and plunder and pollution, the hazards of nature
and the hunger of children, are the foes of every nation. – John F.
Kennedy addressing the United Nations, 1963

The greatest danger to the American public is the lowering of our standard of living.  Over the last 45 years, since the defeat of the labor movement in 1968, our standard of living has been lowered by roughly two-thirds.  And in its place, the nobility have triumphed. Simply put: the general welfare has been ignored.

Our fight is not against our neighbors, or the church, or the state, or ourselves. The
enemies of the modern world are disease, poverty, imperialism, war, genocide,
nihilism, austerity, and the Oligarchical bankers who promote it. The reports and
articles found in the W.A.R. are based largely on the AMERICAN SYSTEM OF
POLITICAL ECONOMY: a strategy to curb the assault on the general welfare by

1) A PROTECTIVE TARIFF to stop offshore slave-labor goods (i.e. Walmart) from
not only under-cutting our own industry and manufacturing, but also driving down
our wages and breaking unions.

2) A NATIONAL BANK to foster and promote industry and manufacturing, as well
as our national laboratories, biomedical research, and universities.

3) INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS, even if they are only developed in one state.
Today the term infrastructure would apply to the implementation and full
maintenance of Medicare-for-All (Single-Payer Healthcare), Social Security, public
education, public housing, high-speed Magnetic Rail, irrigation systems, bridges,
anything that increases the overall health and productivity of the population.

This is not an ideology. This is a strategy to uplift the nation, and everyone in
it. In short, the utopias that we imagine for our world can only be realized in an
atmosphere of prosperity, not austerity


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