Look how IBM plays the H-1B Game

by Virgil Bierschwale, published October 2, 2014 at Keep America At Work 

Pay attention to the difference between the prevailing wage and the proposed wage between the different groups.

First we have IBM Managers


You will notice that these are paid 15,000 or more  over the prevailing wage.

Now let’s drill down to the business and financial operations group.


Again, good premium over prevailing wage except for the rank and file.

Now let’s look at the computer and mathematical occupations.


For the most part, all a disposable commodity with no premium over the prevailing wage.

All groups were for Austin, TX.

Notice how the company went from IBM corporation to IBM India Private Limited?

I did, so I dug deeper and looked again and this time I found a IBM Corporation


Yet, this time, all have a premium over the prevailing wage.

Same city, Same corporate shield, Different groups.

Yet the India group pays zero premium for the most part.

There is a story in there, I do think.

Stay tuned for more developments as I have one more level to develop in this series of drill downs that go from occ_code to company to state to city and then I will develop the ability to drill down from occ_code to city and more.

But most importantly, along the lines of Facebook, we will be adding a section for the visa holder and the citizen to add prevailing wages, pinpoint where the contracts are, etc., simply because I believe the visa holder and the citizen are both getting the raw end of the deal.