As of today, no Wall Street bankers nor politicians have gone to jail for the financial mess they made beginning with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall law.

As of today, no politicians have gone to jail for the lies they told to get the US involved in endless wars resulting in the deaths of millions of people in countries where the US has invaded.

As of today, no one has gone to jail for lying to Congress about spying on Americans. Only the whistleblowers have gone to jail.

FDR reminded everyone that "Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth." when the Wall Street bankers tried to shift blame for the cause of the Great Depression.



The NDP Approach:

1. There must be some serious accountability for the wars, the financial crisis, and the overall undermining of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by politicians

2. End presidential & congressional pensions & perks (via means testing)

3, Term limits for SCOTUS justices and regular reviews for financial and ethical conflicts-of-interest, ideological disclosures

4. Eliminate financial ratings agencies

5. Pass a Presidential & Congressional Accountability Act (retroactive to the Clinton Administration) where Congressional representatives and Presidents are held financially accountable for legislation they passed and signed into law. Their “I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone” attitude does great harm to the US and its citizens while personally benefitting them

6. End the revolving door of politicians going to lobbying firms and corporations where conflicts of interest exist

7. Politicians and public servants should be given double the penalty for any crime, since they are the ones who set examples for the general public

8. Require the Fairness Doctrine for political media outlets




The Case for a 21st Century New Deal: A Presidential and Congressional Accountability Act