America has been involved in expensive ongoing wars for 13 years.

America cannot be the policeman for the world and it should stay out of wars it has no stake in.

The endless Global War on Terror has been a boon for war profiteers and has not made America any safer. Ironically, it’s made America more hated in the world and acted as a recruiting tools for America's enemies.

It is time for peace and it is time to bring the troops home and put them to work fixing America’s infrastructure (roads, bridges, buildings, parks, etc).



The NDP Approach:

1. End the wars & interventions, move to strictly defensive mode

2. Reduce the military defense budget 55% over four years with strict regulatory enforcement over military contractors and budgets

3. Reduce the number of foreign bases from 1200 to 250 or less

4. Ramp up the National Guard in states for natural disasters and emergencies and end foreign involvement for National Guard troops

5. Bring all the troops home and put them to work on rebuilding the national infrastructure with projects including highways, bridges, national & state parks and buildings

6. End the revolving door of military officers to defense contractors

7. Eliminate all intelligence spying on Americans without just cause

8. Protect, strengthen, and encourage conscientious objectors by providing alternatives to serving during service

9. Protect, strengthen, and encourage whistleblowers

10. Conduct a critical comprehensive, wide-ranging review of all military weapons programs

11. Review of all foreign aid and recipients

12. Investigate and prosecute war profiteers




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