Over the past decade there has been a constant attack on public schools with a push to use public money to fund private for-profit charter schools. And a concerted effort to promote private, for-profit colleges, universities, and trade schools.

The public has consistently voiced support for public education, yet the Washington politicians sponsored by the Wall Street crowd, continue to write laws which benefit privatization, harm the children by putting profits ahead of learning, and weaken teachers' unions. Overall, this hurts America's competitiveness.



The NDP Approach:

1. Significantly increase funding for public schools and universities

2. Add 500,000 teachers for public elementary, high school, trade schools, colleges, and universities

3. Make our public school systems the best in the world

4. Provide student loan forgiveness for all BA-related degrees and guarantee 1% interest rate for all graduate degree student loans

5. Eliminate charter schools and public funding for private schools & universities

6. Strict regulation of private for-profit schools

7. Set definable standards and expectations that higher education must meet for graduates (including job placement) or require tuition refund

8. Provide free public elementary to high school and trade school/college/university education for all citizens




The Case for a 21st Century New Deal: Returning Excellence to Education with a Focus on Students & Teachers

Likely to Succeed by Amanda Ripley