Workplace Rights

Many of America’s workers have been cheated by big businesses the past 3 decades. From outsourcing jobs to eliminating worker rights, big businesses have pushed an anti-worker agenda to further their “plantation capitalism” agenda.

American-style capitalism has become winner-take-all with the workers losing out 99.9% of the time. During this time, the assault on the Middle Class has intensified to the point now where 4 out of 5 people are affected by job insecurity, poverty, and homelessness. This has occurred under both Republicans and Democrats. In contrast, the rich and the corporate elites have prospered more than at any point in history to the tune of having $2.3 trillion in cash reserves.


The NDP Approach:

1. Increase the Minimum Wage to $19.25 per hour plus benefits (insurance, vacation, etc) with annual increases tied to cost-of-living adjustments, and limit Minimum Wage to be used only for 1 month and only for entry-level positions

2. Implement a 28-hour work week as full-time complete with full benefits

3. Create a national retirement program

4. Ensure all workers have the right to join a union

5. Implement 100% paid parental leave of 120 days for both parents with 1.5 hours per day for nursing mothers upon return

6. Eliminate H-1B work visas

7. Eliminate all workplace subcontracting

8. Eliminate "at will" workplace firing

9. Require businesses to share at least 17% of their profits with workers

10. Require businesses to pay workers severance if they lose their job for any reason

11. Give workers the right to continue running factories that employers decide to stop operating

12. Significantly invest in, promote, and support employee-owned businesses

13. Eliminate corporate bankruptcy as a method of eliminating jobs and stealing pensions & benefits

14. End Daylight Savings Time




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