War On Drugs

The War on Drugs, declared by President Nixon in 1971, and carried on by successive administrations has spent trillions of dollars so far, and the problem is worse today.

In addition, it has created the private prison industry which now houses over 2 million people in federal prisons at an estimated cost of $60,000 per person for a total of over $120 billion annually and growing.

Portugal implemented changes in 2000 which decriminalized and legalized as well as focused on prevention and treatment. This has resulted in significant improvements.

It’s time for the US to change it’s strategy and policy and take a new direction.



The NDP Approach:

1. End the War on Drugs

2. Reform drug laws, focus on legalization, regulation, decriminalization, and rehabilitation / recovery

3. Help Mexico eliminate its drug gangs and stop exporting guns to Mexico

4. End the private prison system




The Case for a 21st Century New Deal: End the War on Drugs